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Silver Trails Nevada

Goldwell Open Air Museum - Just outside of Rhyolite, a spectacular ghost town off the road leading to Death Valley, a group of prominent Belgian artists, led by the late Albert Szukalski, created a self-described art situation consisting of seven outdoor sculptures that are colossal not only in their scale, but in their placement within the vast upper Mojave desert.

Beatty Museum - The museum presents you with an opportunity to experience life in the early 1900s; learn how the early miners lived, worked and played; venture through the; "Bullfrog Gold Rush" era; and learn about the ghost towns and attractions in the area.

Pahrump Valley Vineyards - Walk the grounds, stroll the fully stocked wine and gift shop, take a winery tour or enjoy lunch or dinner in the delightful restaurant, Symphony's.

Tonopah Historic Mining Park - The park encompasses portions of four of the original major mining companies and covers more than 100 acres. This rich history is brought to life through preserved and restored equipment and buildings, historic exhibits, video presentations, and a self-guided tour.

Hawthorne Ordnance Museum - Commemorates the thousands of Military, Civil Service and Civilian Corporate Personnel that have made significant, and even the ultimate contribution in defending the Freedom of this Great Nation.

Amargosa Big Dune - This playground covers about 5 square miles of dunes and dips, and its centerpiece is a peak that tops out at 500'. These hills are a well-kept secret and mostly used by locals, but expect to find plenty of other off-roaders on the weekends.

Pahrump Valley Speedway - One of the few remaining dirt tracks in the U.S., quarter mile oval track. Come visit and experience the flavor of racing in Small Town America.

Extraterrestrial Highway (375) - In April 1996, Nevada State Highway 375 was officially named the Extraterrestrial Highway for the many UFO sightings along this lonely stretch of road. The highway is close to the mysterious Area 51, and even today visitors and locals alike often see strange lights in the night-sky while driving down the highway.

Central Nevada Museum - Visit the museum and step into the past and explore the rich and colorful history of Central Nevada and early boomtowns of the west. Free admission.

Walker Lake - A watery gem amid the arid land, Walker lake is a treasure worth discovering. One of North America's great desert lakes, Walker Lake is a haven for boating, fishing, camping, hiking and birdwatching.

Mineral County Museum - One of the best museums in Nevada. The museum features early 1800's mission bells, turn of the century pharmacy, mining, fire, and railroad equipment, horse drawn vehicles, specialized tools from the ammunition base, wildlife and fossil displays, rock and mineral displays, Victorian furniture, cameras, vintage clothing, shoes and hats.