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Carolina Jessamine, South Carolina's state flower
Carolina Jessamine
South Carolina
South Carolina
South Carolina's flag
South Carolina State Flag
Carolina Wren, South Carolina's state bird
Carolina Wren



State Bird:  Carolina Wren

State Game Bird:  Wild Turkey

State Animal:  Whitetail Deer

State Dog:  Boykin Spaniel

State Fish:  Striped Bass

State Insect:  Carolina Mantid

State Butterfly:  Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

State Reptile:  Loggerhead Turtle

State Amphibian:  Spotted Salamander

State Spider:  Carolina Wolf Spider

State Flower:  Carolina Jessamine

State Tree:  Palmetto

State Fruit:  Peach

State Beverage:  Milk

State Shell:  Lettered Olive

State Gemstone:  The Amethyst

State Stone:  Blue Granite

State Songs:  "Carolina" written by Henry Timrod and "South Carolina on My Mind" created, sung and recorded by Hank Martin and Buzz Arledge

State Dance:  The Shag

State Folk Dance:  The Square Dance

State Waltz:  The Richardson Waltz

State Music:  The Spiritual

Motto:  Prepared in mind and resources

Origin of State Name:  The region was originally named Carolana, derived from the Latin form of Charles, in reference to the British monarch Charles I.

Nickname for State:  The Palmetto State.  The palmetto, abundant in coastal areas, is the state tree.

Nickname for residents:  South Carolinians